Majestic Jade Series Linear Gas Fireplace

With a ribbon of flame the Jade fireplace helps you unwind. With several features, awesome looks and simple operation, relaxing in front of a Majestic Jade Series fireplace will be your favorite place.

  • Use a Smart Wall TV™ kit to mount a TV 12″ above the fireplace, mantel not required
  • Change the look with a colored glass firebed, natural stones, driftwood logs and LED lighting
  • A variety of heat distribution systems allow you to direct the heat inside or outside
  • Available in 32″ or 42″ wide

Majestic Jade Series Linear Gas Fireplace Features and Options

Required Options of the Jade Fireplace

1) Must choose non-operable front:

Majestic Jade Series Clean Face Front

Jade Clean Face Front – 3 Finish Options

Majestic Black Bronze Pewter Finishes

Majestic Jade Series Picture Frame Front

Jade Picture Frame Front – 2 Finish Options

Majestic Charcoal Pewter Finishes

Additional Features and Accessories of the Jade Fireplace

Majestic Heat Zone

Heat Zone: Draw heat from your fireplace to another room in your home, up to 20 feet away.

IntelliFire™ Touch RC400 Touchscreen Remote Control (Option)

IntelliFire Touch Wireless Wall Switch RC150

IntelliFire Touch Wireless Wall Switch RC150 (Option)

Majestic 3-Toggle LED Light Switch

LED Light Switch (Option)

Interior Media Options

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Majestic stone media for gas fireplaces
Majestic Echelon II Driftwood Logs

Onyx Glass, Sapphire Glass, Bronze Glass, Diamond Glass, Stones, and Driftwood Logs

Reflective Black Glass

Reflective Black Glass Interior (Option)

Jade Series Fireplace Specifications

Jade 32 – JADE32IN

Appliance Width: 36-3/4″
Appliance Height: 38-1/16″
Appliance Depth1: 17-3/4″
Appliance Rear Width: 37″
Framing Height: 36-1/2″
Framing Depth2: 17-3/4″
Framing Front Width: 37″
Framing Back Width: 37″
Fuel Type: Natural gas or liquid propane by conversion
BTU/hr Input: 19,000 (NG); 16,500 (LP)
Heating Capacity2: Up to 900 sq ft
Viewing Area: 27-1/4″ x 15-1/4″
Ignition System: IntelliFire Touch


Jade 42 – JADE42IN  JADE42IL

Appliance Width: 48″
Appliance Height: 33-11/16″
Appliance Depth1: 17-3/4″
Appliance Rear Width: 49″
Framing Height: 32-3/4″
Framing Depth: 17-3/4″
Framing Front Width: 49″
Framing Back Width: 49″
Fuel Type: Natural gas or liquid propane
BTU/hr Input: 22,250 (NG); 23,500 (LP)
Heating Capacity2: Up to 1,200 sq ft
Viewing Area: 39″ x 15-1/4″
Ignition System: IntelliFire Touch

1 Appliance Depth includes entire unit including depth of firebox and extension onto hearth.

2 This is a general guide, heating capacity may vary based on climate, home efficiency, location of the heater, and air movement in the room.

Heat output will vary depending on the type of fuel used. The flame and ember appearance may vary based on the type of fuel burned and the venting configuration used. Actual product appearance, including flame may differ from image shown. Refer to the owner’s manual for complete clearance requirements and specifications. Product specifications and pricing subject to change without notice. For testing and listing information please refer to the owner’s/installation manual.

Jade 32 Front Dimensions

Jade 32 Front Dimensions JADE32IN

Jade 42 Front Dimensions

Jade 42 Front Dimensions JADE42IN JADE42IL

Jade Series Manual and Literature

  • Jade Series Brochure
  • Fireplace Design Guide
  • Jade Fireplace Installation Manual
  • Jade Fireplace Owners Manual
  • IFT-ACM Auxillary Control Module Installation Manual
  • IFT-RC150 Remote Control Installation Manual
  • IFT-RC400 IFT-ACM Remote Control Installation Manual
  • IFT-RC150 User Guide
  • IFT-RC400 User Guide
  • CAD Drawing JADE32
  • CAD Drawing JADE42
  • Architect Guide JADE32
  • Architect Guide JADE42